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Arboria – free swimming and enjoying the beauty of flamingos

The landscape of this region is similar to the images from a children's book, and, nevertheless, the Sardinian landscape of Arboria in many places is not exclusively of natural origin. The landscape of the Arboria area on the Italian resort island of Sardinia includes its west coast and extends far inland, up to the man-made alluvial areas.

Right on the coast there are lagoons, peninsulas, as well as small lakes and channels that sufficiently describe the character of the landscape area of Arboris the Italian resort island of Sardinia. From here you can move deeply into the country, because the landscape of Arboria in Sardinia extends to the coast, so this is a plain of the so-called mild steppe type, also known as Campidano plain. From this plain, where there are often very strong winds, we're going to alluvial territory of Tirso, which is completely flat and extends deep into the sea and forms the Sinis peninsula and lakes in the coastal lagoons. Oristano is the capital city of this beautiful and especially fertile natural region of Arboria on the Italian resort island of Sardinia, and at the same time the youngest provincial capital.

In the past the natural area of Arboria on the Italian resort island of Sardinia received little attention, as swampy lowland areas in the landscape of Arboria brought mostly only illness and awakened to life the myths of Sardinia. Only in the twenties of the 20th century the northern Italians, who found this region between the peninsula of Sinis and Terralbe settlement, started cultivating the land, created channels and ditches turning the area into productive and fertile land, rich in the best wine and fruits.
Today, the landscape of the Arboria area on the Italian resort island of Sardinia is famous for the beauty of flamingos, who settle here in colonies. It also includes quartz sand on the Sinis peninsula, which will truly be a reason for you to spend a beach holiday on the island of Sardinia. Or you can visit the world famous Roman Baths, where the thermal waters of the Fordongianus province will awake your interest to find here on the west coast of Sardinia and, of course, book apartments, summer houses or a room in one of the Italian hotels.


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