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Beaches of Sardinia

The beaches of Sardinia are famous both in Italy and abroad. Beach Italy is impossible to imagine without the coast of Sardinia. You can rarely boast of a tour on the beautiful beaches of the resort region, in the description of which is written that they are not overcrowded, because there are many such descriptions, but very often it is not true.

It is applicable only to the description of the tourist region of Sardinia, except in highly concentrated resort areas on the Italian island of Sardinia, such as the region of Costa Smeralda near Cagliari. There are beaches here, in fact, that are more isolated than crowded, because they, in spite of a number of holidays each year receive millions of tourists. Yet it is an infinite number of beaches in Sardinia, which are indescribably beautiful, well-groomed, the water here is crystal clear and the average water temperature is +21 degrees mean only a beach holiday.

Besides, the Italian resort island of Sardinia can boast of its beaches, directed in all directions. So is presented the harsh northern Sardinia, where the Costa Smeralda is a more multilateral, as opposed to, for example, the West Coast with its great variety of types of sand on the beaches of the island of Sardinia.

Beaches of Italian tourist island of Sardinia, which extend along the northern coast, are often surrounded by a stone or bush scenery. In addition, some beaches in the northern part of Sardinia can be reached only by boat. Other beaches, especially in the Asinara Bay, are related to the beaches with the fine sand.

East coast of the Italian resort island of Sardinia offers numerous and dominant in this tourist area in Sardinia. Each of these beaches seems endless, and that is what San Teodoro with its 3-km beach attracts by. It is overcome only by sandy beach of Costa Rei with a length of 10 kilometers.

Costa del Sud is located on the south of the Italian tourist island of Sardinia and joins the legendary and amazing beaches of Sardinia, which consist of sand dunes. And finally, we cannot forget about the western part of the island of Sardinia, which amazing travelers’ minds with the beauty of the beaches of Alghero, Bose, or Buggerru. The landscape from the dunes of the Costa Verde plays a major role and the sand from the grains of rice on the shore of the Sinis peninsula is regarded as an entirely natural phenomenon of nature.

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