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Beaches in the north of the Sardinia Island

Beaches in the northern part of the island of Sardinia are, of course, among the most famous beaches in all sunny Italy. Sometimes the beaches in the north of the Italian resort island of Sardinia are also lovingly called "small Caribbean Sea" located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here, on the beaches in the northern region of the resort island of Sardinia the most important reason for the holiday in the north of Sardinia is a beach holiday itself. The water here is crystal clear, bays stretch out on distant area, resorts, that will enhance your desire to spend a summer holiday in Sardinia, are lined up as part of a pearl thread, and yet none of these beaches will not be so small and cramped that you want to just walk away from here or, for example, go to another place.

Of course, you must adapt to these beaches in high season, but, nevertheless, you cannot be alone here. And this romantic feeling, the experience obtained when watching the Italian sunset with a tinge of love, here in the northern part of the beaches of the Italian tourist island of Sardinia, may inspire you to share this romantic journey.

The scope of some beaches on the Italian resort island of Sardinia, which make holidays here in the immeasurable rich of freedom, desires and adventures within this part of the Mediterranean Sea, is simply impossible to forget. The organizers have put a lot of effort to provide some fans on the Italian tourist island of Sardinia for the opportunity to sail, as well as any variations of surfing depending on the lovers of wind, boating, or even kite-surfing. In addition, clean water here in northern Sardinia, is preparing for you special moments during underwater swimming or diving near the tourist island of Sardinia. In addition, the island has a variety of schools that offer sailing or surfing courses at the resort of Sardinia, or offer to acquire knowledge in the science of heat, waves, wind and water, which is currently a hot offer and it is available only in certain places.

Special beach resorts on the Italian island of Sardinia, in any case, are the Costa Smeralda and Costa Paradiso, as well as such places as Porto Rotondo, La Maddalena and San Pietro-Mare and, of course, the bays of Asinara and di Marinella.


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