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Sinis peninsula, Sardinia

Sinis peninsula on the resort of the Italian island of Sardinia can be called tourist and to characterized in comparison with the north-east of Sardinia as friendly. And this assertion is clearly established and assimilated in the minds of tourists, although on the border of the Sinis peninsula in Sardinia is located the town of Oristano, which is the capital of the youngest province on the resort island of Sardinia, and which is affectionately called "the city in the bay".

The features of Sinis Peninsula on the Italian tourist island of Sardinia mean long sandy beaches, consisting of dunes, which, depending on the nature of time of day taking care of dazzling white, crystal-clear and shallow entrances to the sea, and sometimes you can see the coast in an amazing brownish color. The quartz sands, which make up the beaches of the Sinis peninsula in Sardinia, are only to be blamed for it. Beaches in this part of the west coast of Sardinia are among the best on the whole Italian resort island of Sardinia. The largest beach, which consists of sand dunes on the Sinis peninsula in Sardinia is Is Arenas with an area of about 2 km, which is located between Santa Catarina de Pittinuri and Pitz Idu. In both of those mentioned above places there is a rich selection of apartments, summer houses and hotel rooms.

First of all, the Sinis Peninsula on the Italian resort island of Sardinia is a flat, dry, and, unfortunately, created by wind, steppe landscape, which in this case includes in its territory amazing vineyards and pastures.

In any case, significant and having the high level of recognition are the lagoons, which could be develop over several years in Cagliari the high population of flamingos. In general, there are now about 50 species of other birds and there are many places that are ideal for bird watching on the Italian resort island of Sardinia. Among other things, here on the west coast of Sardinia, you can see green cormorant, white heron, and even some kinds of hawks, as well as other birds that are not only rare but also included in the Red Book.


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