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Olbia Bay

Slightly below the national park of the Madallena archipelago and the eastern tip of the Sardinian Gallura landscape in front of the city of Olbia opens an amazing Italian bay Olbia. From the port of Olbia, which is used for ferries, and was previously created for cruise ships, the fabulous bay of Olbia is often called a gateway or the northern gates of the tourist island of Sardinia.

Here, in particular, are received ferries from all Italian regions and tourist destinations, more precisely, from Livorno (Tuscany), Piombino (Sicily), Civitavecchia (the port of Rome / Lazio), Genoa (Liguria) and Fiumicino (Tuscany) several times per day. Along with this port in the Olbia Bay exists another port in the bay upstream of the small spit of Olbia.

The coast of the exiting Italian Bay of Olbia is characterized by rocky branched coves, to which seemingly very securely attached rocky islets. But the rocky cliffs indicate the typical image of the Olbia Bay. The most famous of these mountains right in the Italian Bay of Olbia is an impressive in its size Tavolara Island. It is located south of the Olbia Bay and is already a part of a protected natural reserve area Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo. This mountain range rises almost vertically from the depths of the sea and reaches a huge height of 500 meters.

Capo Figari, on the contrary, defines the northern boundary of the Bay of Olbia. Again, it is almost a throne that rises from the depths of the sea, and, perhaps, is the most important lighthouse on the island, on the described above Italian resort island of Sardinia.

The most striking and, above all, loved and desired feature, as well as an integral part of the Bay of Olbia, is a shallow coast with impressive palisade, the so-called shallow, formed from accumulations of shellfish, through which thousands of clams get new life.


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