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Arzacena Bay

Arzacena Bay, or the German name Arzah, deep in the north of Sardinia is one of the decisive fjords of the Mediterranean. Here in the Arzacena Bay in Italy can be found only several places that will contribute to the success of your beach holiday in the small province of Olbia.

Firstly, the Italian Arzacena Bay near the resort island of Sardinia because of its narrowness and depth in relation to the land carries only a small exchange with the waters of the seas and, on the other hand, precisely for this reason, the beaches of a small bay of Arzacena are not as clean as it is written in reviews, and it has not so vast natural or sea diversity.

Nevertheless, canyons could impressively integrate into the landscape off the coast of the Italian Bay of Arzacena. Thus, in this territory is located the only village in the Bay of Arzacena near the tourist island of Sardinia, which mostly serves only as a guide, where you will be given help and provided with guidance.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that, in fact on the eastern side of the Bay of Arzacena You will rarely find even a human, except for a sandy cove called Cala Beatty, where you, at least, will discover a remarkable man - an investor who is trying to complete the north of the Italian tourist island of Sardinia with yachts. Accordingly, there exist several single and very small hotels, but in general they cannot save the situation in the Bay of Arzacena, however, they do not interfere in the tourism on the resort island of Sardinia. You can come to the Arzacena Bay to sail or take a reconnaissance trip between striking Italian islands of Corsica and Sardinia. And also you can get a chance in the harbor of the Arzacena Bay near Sardinia to visit the national park of the Madallena archipelago on the island to spend there a few relaxing and unforgettable days on the beautiful sandy beach with an amazing "Caribbean" feeling in the soul.


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