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Cugniano Bay

What could be better than to set on the sandy beach watching the setting sun and enjoy the gentle sounds of the sea, and, of course, try the best delicacies of the Italian Gallura cuisine. How can be forgotten the Sardinian cheese with herbs, stuffed ravioli, Gallur soaked bread, served with the local wine. So, we want to tell you - welcome to the Italian Cugniano Bay.

Undoubtedly, the Italian Costa Smeralda resort is located directly on the threshold of the Cugniano Bay and possibly become a true secret and the main highlight of this remarkable region. In the Cugniano Bay there are only a few large provinces, which, in the southern part of the bay, include the town of Porto Rotondo, and in the northern part of Cugniano Bay an astounding town of Portisco, or Marina Portisco.

Here, in the Italian Cugniano Bay you can make a trip to the province under the name of Olbia on the territory of a deep and wonderful bay of the Italian resort on the Costa Smeralda, which are characterized by a calm water surface and a low dam on the high seas, which promise you an amazing and certainly also an unforgettable holiday with realizing of all your most grandiose wishes in Sardinia. Here, side by side, are lined up some excellent campsites. Nevertheless, in the Cugniano Bay you can even practice agro tourism on the Italian resort island of Sardinia. Agro tourist farms are not located directly on the coast of the Cugniano Bay, but rather deeper into the territory, and provide for its structure and buildings are very nice cool place to make comparable such kind of leisure as agro tourism on Sardinia together with home and relaxing atmosphere. Houses and buildings of rubble stone and romantic terraces surrounding the courtyard are a real pleasure and reason to find a house for the rest here on the farm in sunny Italy.

And yet, on some sandy beaches of the Italian Cugniano Bay, unfortunately, sometimes you can find salt deposits, which is not quite good for a beach holiday. And not in all places, unfortunately, the consequences of bathing horses are removed regularly.


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