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Costa Smeralda

It is hard to imagine that in 1950, according to the reports, there was no any house on the Italian coast of the Costa Smeralda. Today the Italian resort of Costa Smeralda, or other famous name - the Emerald Coast of the island of Sardinia - is the most popular and sometimes very crowded coast of Sardinia.

Since the real founder of today's Italian resort paradise, Costa Smeralda, was the legendary billionaire Aga Khan, who also controlled Costa Smeralda to be of high class, or at least, a high-quality place. Thus, both from the ground at the tourist resort of Costa Smeralda emerged several luxury hotels, bungalows, fantastic and fascinating stunning apartments, as well as exclusive berths, and the artificially created settlements along the Costa Smeralda.

Anyone on the Italian coast of the Costa Smeralda, who wants to build something else, will meet with difficulties, because the whole resort area has strict conditions, which consist of coordination and a combination of tourism, nature, the Sardinian culture and international format, and in first of all, can be used and to keep the harmony of the environment on the island of Sardinia. Until now many of these conditions were in favor of tourism. Thus, there are many beaches on the Italian coast of the Costa Smeralda, which are hidden by vegetation or bays. Also on the Costa Smeralda there is no hype, and yet, the situation on the Costa Smeralda is subjected to some changes. Gradually the tourist area of Costa Smeralda is becoming popular among the general public, so in addition to the luxury travels and leisure on the Costa Smeralda, at the moment is added a large number of tourist tours with the prepayment of all expenses.

Nevertheless, the Italian tourist Costa Smeralda can offer entirely unusual flats and apartments on the Costa Smeralda that are still available and are very much in demand. Apartments and hotel rooms on the Costa Smeralda are suitable for family tourists to the north of the Italian resort island of Sardinia, as well as for youth tourists, for people who are here on the Costa Smeralda to spend a pleasant holiday with diving, or would like to obtain a certificate of passing the surfing courses in one of sailing schools of Sardinia. This, of course, also applies to diving, sliding on the crest of a wave, kite surfing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, sailing on a yacht or a catamaran, or health-improvement course on the Italian tourist Costa Smeralda.


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