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Holidays in Italy are the best in the world

Holidays in Italy are the best in the world
Holidays in Italy: architecture, cuisine, nature and shopping

Holidays in Italy are the best in the world. U.S. travel companies called Italy the best tourist destination in the world. Rating of the leading holiday and tourism destinations is composed by the leading tour operators in the U.S. for several years.

In determining the best tourist region of the world members of the U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA) use multiple nominations. This year Italy won four of them: best architecture, best destination for hiking, romantic holiday and gourmet tours. Italy also was slightly beaten by France in the category of the "Best art tourism destination".

Growing demand for holidays in Italy is marked all around the world. Due to its geographical location, rich history, legendary culinary and climate Italy is one of the best regions in the world for year-round tourism. In winter the ski resorts of Italy in Trento, South Tyrol and Aosta receive thousands of tourists from all over Europe. In summer are popular such regions as Amalfi, Ligurian Riviera, Rimini, Sicily, Sorrento and Sardinia. Spring and autumn are the seasons of gastronomic and incentive tourism. In autumn in Italy are popular wine and gastronomic tours in Tuscany, Lombardy and Calabria. Spring in Italy is a period of business and shopping in the leading cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Genoa, and, of course, Venice.

At the same time, Italy is not the only destination that got high rating from USTOA. So, London was named the world's entertainment center. New York was named the world's center of shopping. The best adventure areas are New Zealand and Costa Rica. The full list of winners is following:

Adventure tourism: 1. Costa Rica 2. New Zealand
Architecture: 1. Italy 2. Spain
Arts and Culture: 1. France 2. Italy
Entertainment: London, New York, Rio de Janeiro
History: Egypt, Britain, Israel
Romantic tourism: Italy, France
Shopping: New York, Hong Kong, Italy
Hiking: Italy, USA natural parks, Prague
Gastronomic tours: Italy, France, Spain

When choosing the best holiday destinations were taken into account views of 50 leading U.S. travel companies.

Date: 13/02/2011

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