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Holidays in Italy 2011: best beaches of the season

Holidays in Italy 2011: best beaches of the season
Holidays in Italy 2011 on the beach



Holidays in Italy 2011. Which beaches of this country are the best? Portal privet-italia-ru prepared rating of the beach resorts in Italy, which are gaining popularity in Russia and CIS countries.



Vieste beaches in Apulia are located at the resort in the heart of the Gargano National Park, which is famous for its picturesque steep white cliffs and numerous cozy coves.

San Vito Lo Capo in Trapani, a resort in the west part of Sicily with a wide sandy beach on the background of a high rock, has become one of the symbols of summer holidays in Italy. In addition, at the end of September in San Vito is held cuscus festival, which adds to the beach holiday another bonus of tasting hundreds varieties of the famous cereal.

Tropea beaches in Calabria - white beach nearby the high cliffs. Beach vacation in Tropea is particularly popular among the Italians, who can choose the best combination of price and quality for their vacations. There is also a convent on the former rock island, as well as the world's only ice cream, which is made from red onion.

Cala Luna beach on Sardinia is a 700-meter strip of white sand located near the town of Dorgali in the north-west part of the island at the foot of the mountains overgrown with subtropical greenery. Due to its remoteness it may be one of the rare quiet beaches on Sardinia.

Riviera Rimini is 15 kilometers of the coastline along the Italian Adriatic from Rimini to Gabbiche Mare. It could be the first in this list if not for their high occupancy in July and August.

Mugoni and Algero beaches on Sardinia are also representatives of Sardinia in the list. Even in August sea water on this beach remains cool and dense tangles of eucalyptus provide protection against strong winds. The beach is located 18 km north-west of Algero.

Rabbit Beach on Lampedusa is a beach on the most southern island of Italy, which for decades remains among the best beaches in the world. Combination of the clean sea and scorched desert land. However, difficult situation with immigrants made Lampedusa closed for the tourists.

Lazise beach on the Lake Garda is a representative of lake recreation in the list. Small resort town of Lazise is a place in Italy, where you can avoid tedious heat even in August.

Viareggio beaches in Tuscany means beach holidays in Italy with thousands of umbrellas and sun beds, which occupy several kilometers of the coastline. In August here on vacation come people with children from Rome, Milan and almost half of Italy.

Otranto beach in Apuglia is a resort on the hill, which offers 10 kilometers of large and secluded beaches, where everything is possible: from diving to nudism.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 08/06/2011

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