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Ferrari congress is held in Italy

Ferrari congress is held in Italy
Ferrari congress is held in Italy

Madonna di Campiglio ski resort in Italy hosts Wroom - annual presentation of the Formula 1 Ferrari team to the press.

This year Ferrari top drivers - Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa - visited the Wroom. At the press conference held on January 12 each of them talked about their everyday concerns.

The first Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso criticized the intention of Formula 1 bosses to limit the number of test runs. This measure, according to the top managers of Formula 1, will increase competition on the track. However, Alonso said that adoption of new rules is like trying to make Leonel Messi to train with a tennis racket, not a ball, reports AFP.

However, besides criticizing new rules the first Ferrari pilot was able to find a number of positive elements of the upcoming season. In particular, Alonso spoke warmly about adopting Pat Fry as technical director. According to Alonso, Fry brought fresh ideas to the team. Fry previously worked as technical director of McLaren.

In turn Felipe Massa, whose last season was far from ideal, said that next six months are crucial for him and can determine whether he will continue to protect the colors of "Scudderia". Massa also said that is looking forward to new victories after presenting new improved car.

At the press conference in Madonna di Campiglio became known the place of the new Ferrari car premiere for the upcoming season. The new Ferrari car is planned to be presented on February 3 on the Fiorano track not far from Modena.

Wroom is a traditional event for the press, which is organized in the Italian Dolomites by Ferrari and Ducatti. This year Wroom will be held for the 22th time. Before the racers press conference in Madonna di Campiglio journalists interviewed Ferrari team manager Stefano Domenicali and president Luca and Di Montezemolo.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 13/01/2012

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